Accelerated Learning Teaching Techniques
for Financial Education

Do you teach financial literacy and struggle with keeping your students engaged, and having a good time and even notice that they aren’t retaining this important information so they can use it in their lives now and into their futures?

Don’t feel bad…you are not alone…and…it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

The majority of financial literacy curriculums developed by financial institutions and nonprofits are boring; they involve telling the students a bunch of information (preaching) and then having them fill out boring worksheets.

We’re going to tell you what you probably already know…this method doesn’t work! This is also probably why you went looking for something different and effective. I’m so glad you did!

The fact is…


If kids aren’t paying attention, they aren’t learning and there’s nothing more boring than financial education lessons where you talk, they’re supposed to listen and then you have them fill out some type of worksheet. Even adults are bored out of their minds when being taught this way.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

At Creative Wealth, we’re been using accelerated learning techniques in all of our financial educations programs since 2005 and oh, what a difference they make. The kids have such a great time they can’t wait to come back the next day.

We always hear the students asking us…

“Why can’t all teachers teach like you teach us?”

That question always made our hearts happy in one way and sad in another knowing that these days, too many of our financial education students are bored in school. But really, it’s not us,  we tell them…it’s the accelerated teaching techniques we use.

If you’d like to delve a bit deeper, read the History of Accelerated Learning here.

Accelerated Learning Techniques make any financial education program fun and effective.accelerated learning videos

The only way that kids, teens, and adults really LEARN about money is by PRACTICING using money the right way and that’s where The Money Game comes in.

But let’s say you don’t have access to Camp Millionaire or The Money Game (YET) and have to use one of the free financial education curriculums out there. We’ve got you covered!

You can use our Accelerated Learning Techniques to turn ANY financial education curriculum into a curriculum that kids and adults enjoy and remember better.

Our Accelerated Learning Teaching Techniques Video includes the following thirteen (13) accelerated learning techniques. You will learn how to turn any financial literacy curriculum into a much more effective program for both of your students.


Amazing Testimonial from Teacher!

“I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience! It has changed my teaching forever. I have tried many techniques already in my classroom and it has been spectacular.

Have you ever seen excitement on a child’s face when they are grasping a concept or showing such confidence that they are willing to take endless risks in their learning? Well, I am a fifth grade teacher and have been using the accelerated teaching techniques I learned in the Camp Millionaire Teacher Training for three months in my classroom and see this reaction daily from my students.

My classroom climate has always been interactive and supportive, however the energy in my room, since using these teaching methods, has gone through the roof! Students tell me that the “call backs” help them stay engaged, that they remember things that I have written on chart paper by thinking of the colors, and use the ‘context before content’ concept keeps them asking questions and seeking answers. Also, they take ALL notes using webs or pictures with very few words. The students have told me that they just remember more than before.

In addition to students remembering more, the students have learned how to be in charge of their own learning. We talk often about being ready to learn (S.L.A.N.T), giving their best, and celebrating their learning. We live by the motto “If it is worth learning, it’s worth celebrating!” The kids cheer for each other as well as for themselves and even me.

Today, we had a new student join our class. I had the students introduce themselves and tell their new classmate about our classroom culture. It was truly delightful to hear kids say our class is fun, safe to take risks, and a wonderful place to learn. They also talked about the music we play in the classroom and how it helps them concentrate.

Accelerated Teaching  has changed my practice forever!   Thank you.”  ~ Jodi M.

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The easiest way to learn Accelerated Teaching?
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Here’s a list of the teachniques we use in our financial camps and what you’re learn in our Financial Literacy Education Teaching Videos:

  • VAK: Teaching to all three learning styles…visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
  • Enrolling Questions: How to engage your students from the beginning and keep them engaged to the end.
  • Ask Don’t Tell: Stop preaching and start teaching. Ask questions instead of telling them everything.
  • Celebrations: When was the last time YOU had fun learning?
  • Context vs. Content: How to create an environment that makes any education sticky.
  • Flip charts: Yes, get rid of the fancy electronic gadgets (including Powerpoint) and go back to what really works.
  • Call-backs, Suggestology and fill in the ______: Learn how to get your students to tell you what they’re learning.
  • State Changes: We all know that if they LOOK bored, they ARE bored. Learn how to change this instantaneously.
  • Experience before content: The way we were taught to teach was the incorrect way for most people to learn. If you tell them what you’re going to teach them and they don’t want to learn that, you’ve lost them. Learn this amazing philosophy to keep them guessing and having fun while they learn.
  • Music: This one aspect of teaching alone changes any learning environment from drab to dramatic.
  • Rituals: Creating an expectation of fun and what’s coming next helps students settle in quickly and start learning immediately.

If you’re ready to kick start your financial literacy education program with some knock your socks off accelerated teaching techniques, this is just the ticket.

NOTE: These techniques work with ALL topics.

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