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Creative Wealth International develops and delivers amazingly powerful financial education programs, curriculums and products for kids and teens. Combining relevant, time-tested financial principles with the power of accelerated learning techniques, Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens and The Money Game have changed the face of financial education for teachers, financial advisors, youth group leaders and anyone else wanting to teach financial education to kids and teens (and the adults who love them!).

Why and how we started teaching financial literacy education to kids, teens and young adults AND the teachers and parents who care about them.

elisabeth_donatiCreative Wealth International began as an inspiration of Elisabeth Donati when she read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. Relating to her own lack of financial education and parental guidance in the area of financial literacy, she began considering the possibility of developing summer programs for kids and teens that were both fun and educational, with the center theme surrounding the basic concepts and principles of money and investing that she never learned as a kid or young adult but wished she had.

In 2002, Elisabeth created a nonprofit called The Money Camp to teach kids and teens about money and train others how to do what she was doing. This worked great, until she realized she wasn’t able to practice what she preached…with a nonprofit, she couldn’t create a business asset that would bring her passive income streams to become financially free and be able to work because she wanted to, not because she had to.

In 2006, Elisabeth started the for-profit company, Creative Wealth International, to create a company that did a whole lot of good and would help her create an asset that could provide income for as long as she wanted.

The first Money Camp for Kids

moneycamp2002The first Money Camp for Kids (now called Camp Millionaire) was held August 2002 in Santa Barbara, CA. We had 39 kids! What a start! We weren’t really sure what we were doing but evidently we were doing something right because we still run into parents from that first camp who tell us it made a huge difference in their child’s future.

The summer of 2003 brought 4 camps, several additional kid’s programs (home school, after school, private programs) and several adult programs (corporate and individual). Evidently we were onto something big.

Each year we just kept trying additional areas and held more camps…until we realized we couldn’t do it all.

In 2004, after getting tons of phone calls, emails and even letters from people asking us what we were doing, we created our first Train-the-Trainer. The rest is history!

“One of our goals is for your kids and teens to leave the programs so excited about what they just learned and experienced about money that they don’t stop talking about it on the way home!”

As we continue to grow by training others around the planet to do what we do here locally, our goal of having financial literacy camps and programs around the world becomes more and more of a reality.

Creative Wealth’s Mission Statement

Creative Wealth International’s mission is to empower people to achieve a life of financial independence, philanthropy and gratitude.

We believe that in order to shift where the world is going financially, we need to shift how people ‘think’ about money. Both organizations are in the business of creating financial paradigm shifting tools!

We believe that doing good and making a living are not mutually exclusive. We believe it’s important to ‘practice what we preach’. This is why we run most of our financial education and financial literacy programs for kids, teens and adults under a for-profit company.

One of the underlying principles we teach in all of our programs is the importance of giving back. It is important to remember that more wealthy individuals in the world have helped more people in need than any governmental body or nonprofit organzation. Therefore, it is our wish to be profitable while teaching people how to become profitable themselves.

A little more about Creative Wealth International

CWI is owned and operated by Elisabeth Donati and her staff. The company licenses Camp Millionaire and the rest of its financial literacy programs domestically and internationally to others wishing to offer programs in their own local communities. There is no licensing fee for those teaching in a school environment. Our goal is to develop effective products that teach financial education in a different and effective manner.

Financial literacy for kids is critical, but how to do it in a way that is relevant, effective and, let’s even add, FUN, is something most financial education programs have not figured out!

We not only figured it out, we teach others how to do it just as well. Not only that but our programs are actually about more than money; they teach life skills that should be taught at home or in school but generally are not.

Specifically, our programs teach people they are the CEOs of their own lives and that their lives are simply a result of all their financial thoughts combined with all their financial choices. Want to change your life? Change your beliefs and your choices will change naturally.

We show kids, teens and adults that financial freedom means more than saving money for 40 years and then doing that thing called ‘retiring.’ We expose people to a whole new way of thinking about money…creating financial freedom NOW so that they can both ‘work because they want to and not because they have to’ and ‘go out into the world and do a whole lot of good once they are free.

We teach people how to BE the type of person who chooses saving and investing instead of spending all of their money on Piddlyjunk!

What is piddlyjunk? Well, there are two kinds: first is the stuff we buy that’s worth nothing once we buy it (coffee anyone?) and second is the stuff that we all buy that goes DOWN in value.

How can we become financially free by buying stuff that goes down in value? We can’t! That’s the point and that’s the cornerstone of what we teach. That and this one wonderfully powerful concept…by having more money coming in each month than you have going out, you can take the extra and do a whole lot of good in the world!

Want to know more? We’d love to talk to you. Call us at 805-957-1024. We’ll actually pick up the phone if we’re here so we can talk to you in person! You can’t make a difference very easily with a bunch of machines:-).

Why we named our company Creative Wealth International

So glad you asked! Here’s the thing…we believe that there are more creative and satisfying ways to make money and support yourself financially than getting a job. Now there is nothing wrong with getting a job so please don’t get us wrong.

But truth be told, it’s entrepreneurs who start businesses who improve the economy by selling product and by hiring employees.

And it’s entrepreneurs who are more likely to become wealthy and live the lives they dream than a person who is a paid employee all his or her life.

What that takes is a bit of creativity and the knowledge of how to use it and that requires being invited to think differently about money and wealth and how to create it for yourself.

That’s why we love the words “Creative Wealth” and we hope you do, too!

So why Financial Literacy?

Divorce, Suicide, Bankruptcy, Credit Card Debt, and Stress…..Just to name a few…..Click here to learn why it’s so important for all of us to understand how money works.

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And always remember to, “Pay Yourself First”