Financial Education Curriculum Grants from Creative Wealth

financial education grantWe realize that not everyone has the funds necessary to purchase a high quality financial education like ours. While there are a lot of lessons available to teach kids and teens about money and investing, they are generally boring in nature and taught in lecture and worksheet form.

All of our experience points to the following in terms of what makes a financial education effective (and need we add FUN):

  • The program needs to be fun so the students will associate learning about money with something other than stress, fighting, shame, discomfort, etc.
  • The program needs to be relevant…especially for teens and young 20-somethings. This means that they have to see the point of learning it. With teens and older, it’s easy. They GET that they are about to thrown out into the world of money and must take care of themselves and are generally hungry for the information. You can also make financial education relevant to younger students by repeatedly having them put themselves into their older selves as well as finding ways to tie learning about money into their present age.
  • The program needs to be interactive and include a way for kids to ‘act out’ the money part of lives. This is exactly why The Money Game works so beautifully with all ages. The rounds of the game are literally pay periods and the lessons laid out and explored before, during and after each round show kids, step by step, what it really takes to become financially free. And did we mention it’s a BLAST to play and a BLAST to teach? It is!
  • If that isn’t enough, our Camp Millionaire curriculum is like The Money Game on steroids! It includes The Money Game as a foundational activity and a zillion other activities that keep students engaged and learning.

Apply for a grant from us to get The Money Game or Camp Millionaire for reduced or no fee here.


CWI's Financial Education Curriculum Grant Application

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Do you understand personal finance and investing?

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Do you have funding to produce the materials?

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