Well, it’s official. A couple of weeks ago (seems like yesterday) we hosted our first East Coast Teacher Training and it was a riot. You guys rock! We had 20 of the most amazing people (we ALWAYS have amazing people…I think it’s just the topic) who learned, participated at 100%, wrote, played along and did we mention, participated at 100%?!!!

Our goal of having Money Camps for Kids and Teens by 2010 is going to happen if we continue to have the incredible people we keep getting showing up in our training programs. Thank you all for coming and joining in on our mission to change the world.

We also introduced our first Advanced Training Seminar which is being scheduled for sometime in April here in Santa Barbara. This program will be unlike anything you’ve gone to before. If you teach kids or adults financial literacy, leadership, learning skills, entrepreneurship, stock market, real estate, or more, you’ll leave this 3-day intensive with new skills, new knowledge, new friends and a renewed hope in our ability to affect change. Stay tuned for more information.

And it isn’t enough, we also busy planning our first 3-day intensive for kids and teens. The event is being scheduled for Feb. 1-3 in Anaheim, CA. We scheduling it then because it’s the same three days as Peak Potential’s <a
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xhref=”http://www.millionairemind.com/a/moneycamp?page=/wow/”>) Millionaire Mind Evening event. We want to help families create a sustainable environment where both the kids and the parents are learning the same information and can help each other make wise financial decisions and develope positive money habits together. We realize the program is Thursday-Saturday but we promise, if you put your kids in our program instead of school for two days, they will learn more in those three days about life and money than they will their entire last two years of high school. Or your money back!