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Creative Wealth’s Financial Literacy Education Certification
Teacher Training for…

Camp Millionaire, The Money Game and Moving Out for Teens

Are you a teachers, youth group leader, financial planner or advisor, bank or credit union employee…or even a parent or homeschool teacher who wants to teach kids, teens, and even adults about money and investing.

Great! We’d like to welcome you to the finest, most effective financial literacy education train-the-trainer/teacher training you’ll ever find. We invite you to learn how to make teaching and learning about money and investing fun and sticky (unforgettable).

Definition of Financial Literacy Education:
An education program that improves the financial literacy of another.

financial literacy train the trainerIf you’re passionate about teaching kids, teens and adults about money, and you love making a difference in the world, then you’ll love teaching Camp Millionaire and The Money Game. In all my years of teaching adults and kids, sharing financial education information has been, by far, the most satisfying.

Watching people learn about money and how to create financial freedom for themselves and listening to their goals, dreams and desires in terms of sharing this critical life skill information to students of all ages brings joy to my heart and a deep sense of purpose to my soul. Every financial education teacher I have ever talked to have expressed the same thing.

In this unique and powerful financial literacy education teacher training, you come in one person and leave another. It happens every time. People join us for three days and discover not only new keys to creating financial freedom for themselves, they leave with the knowledge and skills to teach this information to others.

The thing that always touches me the deepest, though, has nothing to do with money itself. When you come into this training, you discover what’s keeping you from living the dreams you keep saying you want for yourself. We see laughter, we see tears, we see transformation and we do it having more fun that you’d ever think you could possibly have with a room full of other people who also want to teach people about money and make a difference on the planet.

Join us please. I promise you a life-changing experience you’ll never forget and you may not be able to move forward without. There are so many kids and adults waiting for you to teach them this information. What are you waiting for? I can’t wait to meet you!

elisabeth donati

Creator of Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens and The Money Game

Our financial literacy train-the-trainer program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

In our programs, you’ll learn and experience…

  • How to teach our Camp Millionaire financial education programs to your own kids, students, or groups. Basically anyone age 10 and up!
  • How to teach money and investing in a whole new way…by using fun and playful game and activities instead of lectures and worksheets.
  • How to help your participants learn about money by experiencing money using The Money Game.
  • How to use accelerated learning techniques to make learning about money and investing fun and relatant. Accelerated learning is what makes WHAT we teach so profoundly sticky, i.e., students remember, and apply, what they learn for years to come. Imagine teaching a class in such a way that students learn what you’re teaching but never take any notes! This is Camp Millionaire and The Mone Game.
  • Why accelerated teaching techniques work with all ages 10 and up, including adults!
  • Why effective financial education requires more than teaching people about budgeting, saving money and learning how to have a good credit score…it must include learning about investing in assets, creating passive income streams, starting your own business, why not to borrow money (use credit cards) and so much more.
  • Why having the highest credit score isn’t really the most important aspect of your financial life and why others want you to think that it is!
  • What it honestly takes to get your programs into your local schools, communities, etc.
  • Why learning how to manage money wisely involves learning how to practice sound financial information habits that have been used for centuries to create wealth and financial freedom.
  • How our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect our wealth potential and how to introduce this information to others.
  • Some interesting facts about how the business of financial literacy works.
  • And we submit that you may even learn a few things about money and investing that you can use in your own life.

Please join us if…

  • You’re a teacher, youth group leader or parent with a passion (because that’s what it takes) to make sure your students and children get the financial education they need to grow into financially responsible adults.
  • You want to learn a whole new way of teaching called accelerated learning so the information you teach actually stays with your students.
  • You’re a financial advisor looking for a great way to teach your clients’ children and maybe even create a few future clients.
  • You work for a credit union or bank and you’re looking for the most effective, engaging and entertaining way to teach your community about money and investing.
  • You realize that kids, teens and adults are not being taught the information they need to create and live the lives they want to live.

Bottom line, we want everyone who wants to teach financial education to anyone!

NOTE: You do NOT need a financial degree to teach our program. You just have to be willing to learn and have a desire to change the world!

Here’s what one of our train-the-trainer attendees said about our program…

Testimonial from a high school teacher:

“As a 24-year veteran teacher, I welcome new and innovative ways of teaching. When I met Elisabeth Donati from Creative Wealth and teacher extraordinaire of financial literacy, I literally found a treasure.

What Elisabeth has developed, and the fun-enthusiastic way she teaches financial principles, is a God-send for the Career Connections students at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California and our world. Camp Millionaire was the best gift my students received this year. Elisabeth brought her material, knowledge, sense of humor, excellent teaching techniques and appropriate outfits and for 12 days transformed my ordinary classroom into a playful learning environment where she taught the students how to be happy and financially free.

The desks were removed, the walls were covered with everything from words to principles to afformations (not a misspelling, ask E) and, best of all, the students were actively involved.

After each lesson, the main ideas, created on colorful flipcharts (no Powerpoint here!), were hung high around the room as reinforcement and review. The students played The Money Game and learned how to manage/budget/spend their virtual money, how to invest it and, equipped with the language of money, asked many questions, earned “moola” for participating and two students with the most “moola” received real $50 savings bonds donated by Montecito Bank & Trust.

Difficult concepts, such as the pillars of wealth and supply and demand, were presented in such a way that I am certain the students have at least an introductory working knowledge of investing.

Camp Millionaire is an awesome way to teach kids how to use money wisely. I think every student in the world would benefit from this program. I plan on making Camp Millionaire an integral part of my Career class.

~ Lola Paredes – Dos Pueblos High School Teacher – Spring 2009


Creative Wealth’s Financial Literacy Train-the-Trainer program is the first step to changing the way kids, teens and adults see their financial situations and their financial futures.


  • Camp Millionaire for kids or teens
  • The Money Game.
  • Moving Out! for Teens Program.
  • Creative Cash for Kids Home Study/Home School Program.

All programs can be used in traditional school programs, summer camp programs, weekend programs, park and rec programs, church/youth group programs and more. Simply…if there is a group gathered anywhere, you can teach them about money.


As a CWI Financial Literacy Teacher (we call you a Coach), you have access to the following:

  • Everything you need to download and create perfect Camp Millionaire and The Money Game programs/events.
  • Full support staff to help you every step of the way.
  • Creative Wealth email address if needed (first name.last
  • Web page and web links to your website if desired.
  • Templates for business cards, brochures, press releases, marketing flyers.
  • Marketing materials (press releases, articles, presentations).

Do you have a group of instructors you’d like us to train? Great! Let us create a custom training for you that can include:

  • Financial Literacy Training Technique…including all of the accelerated teaching techniques we use in our programs to make them so incredibly fun and effective.
  • Camp Millionaire short or long programs for camps or use in schools or with groups
  • Moving Out! for Teens program
  • The Money Game program

Call us…8o5-957-1024…or send us an email via our contract form.

Live Financial Education Teacher Training Workshops for 2016

February 17-19, 2016

November 2-4, 2016


• 3 day Teacher Training
• 2 day Camp Millionaire event that follows your training (see below)
• First year of licensing fees – see more here
• Curriculum Binder
• Financial Freedom Playbook Instructor Edition

• The experience of a lifetime and several other goodies!

Camp Millionaire Weekend Edition (ages 10-14)

February 20-21, 2016

November 5-6, 2016

Visit Camp Millionaire page for more information or to sign up your kids for this invaluable, life-altering, outrageously fun and effective financial education camp!

Can’t attend a live training? No problem!

Get our Camp Millionaire or The Money Game
Online Programs

The Camp Millionaire program includes both the Camp Millionaire and The Money Game curriculums, all teacher training videos and full support. Click here for more information on our Camp Millionaire Online Program.

Financial Literacy Train-the-Trainer financial freedom playbook
Training Videos of our live Train-the-Trainer Workshop Financial Freedom Playbook
Everything you need to put on your own programs

The Money Game program includes our proprietary, highly effective, fun and engaging curriculum, training videos and tons of support information. Click here for complete information on The Money Game.

And finally, if you want to learn how to use accelerated teaching techniques in your own financial literacy programs, check out Financial Literacy Online Accelerated Teaching Videos (5th one from the top:-).


“Elisabeth’s great training now allows me to take my financial literacy college class to whole new level. Thanks!”
~ Carolyn W.

” I highly recommend this experience. It blew me away…I never knew you could make teaching so much fun!”
~ David Henseler
Financial Fun-damentals
Certified Coach

“I tested the accelerated learning process in class and I’ve seen awesome results. My step daughter, who normally hates her classes, instantly changed!”
~ Ken Parsell

“If you truly want to learn how to teach and entertain at the same time, this is the course for you. But be prepared – it’s not all just about financial literacy – this course is about life! An amazing experience, recommended to be taken by everyone. Thank you Elisabeth. I have been truly blessed and empowered by you!”
~ Lisa Galota

“Elisabeth’s accelerated teaching techniques are fantastic! I completed four days of training with 90% retention of the Camp Millionaire material without having to take notes! I can now use this skill in my classes to help people learn any subject faster with higher retention.”
~ C. Matthews
Carly Girl, Inc.

“This weekend’s camp was terrific! They absolutely loved loved loved it and the playbook was a big hit. After I get through the program hangover you warned me about I will send pictures and tell all. We played LOTS of games and even invented some new ones…”
~ Attendee 2007

“It’s amazing to see the transformation over the week from a kid who doesn’t want to be there, to a kid who can’t wait to go home and start taking steps to become financially free!”
~ Creative Wealth Coach

“I’ll vouch for Creative Wealth’s teaching…I attended a train-the-trainer event with them last year, and had a chance to see what they’re developing to effectively reach youth and adults. Amazing stuff that is a quantum leap over other curriculum and teaching methods. Impossible to be bored, even for teenagers with ‘tude. In addition, if any members are considering sending their kids, they should really consider going with them – they will also benefit tremendously from attending, and the first adult is free with student.
~ Chris Gerow
Creative Wealth Coach

You have given me a great program and tool to help change people’s lives – especially kids and teens. You and your staff made the training interesting, compelling and fun. I cant wait to get home and start incorporating this into my single parent program! I would recommend this to everyone! Every parent should know how to teach this to their kids and help change lives.
~ Ron (Attendee 2008)

“Sensational! Provides information at every level…truly a transformative experience. Concepts are clear, made tangible and useful. Presentations and audience participation are exceptional. Lives are demonstrably changed through this work…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
~ Jan Cross

“It was also great to see the accelerated teaching techniques in action with kids. It’s not as hard as I had built it up to be in my head. In many ways, kids are easier to teach than adults. Because of the kind of learner I am, I really appreciated the hands on experience.”
~ Jessica Johnson

Guess what!!! I did my “real” first one day Money Camp today at our Football Stadium for a number of 8th Graders. Of course it being only one day, I didn’t get give them all of the information they needed but they had so much fun and it really invigorated me at how powerful your program is and how much I love it. Some of the kids really got it and it was neat just to see the light bulbs go off!
~ Tara (Attendee 2008)

“Attending the Camp Millionaire with 6th-8th grade kids was the “icing-on-top-of-the cake”. I was able to participate in the Camp right after I went through the training program and to be honest, I was a bit scared of being able to pull off the Camp with the kids, would I remember everything I needed, would the kids enjoy the class, does the program really work, were the parents on board with the program, etc.
~ (Train-the-Trainer participant)

“Attending the Train-the-Trainer was an amazing, transformational program, and being able to watch the kids in action enjoying the Money Game, getting to actually teach and use the accelerated teaching skills and be coached by Elisabeth was icing on the cake! I can’t imagine doing it any other way! This is a must for anyone who really wants to master the Camp Millionaire program and make a difference in children’s lives.”
~ Jim C., attendee

“Had I not been able to experience first hand the enthusiasm the kids had for wanting to know more, I would never have believed it. Each time the very first note of the Money Game song played, the kids lit up and could barely contain themselves for “payday”. Ending the week long camp with a tour and free meal at In-n-Out Burger was the ultimate experience for the kids!
~ (parent)

“Being able to attend a day of Camp Millionaire right after my Train-the-Trainer week was invaluable. It relieved many of my concerns and fears about implementing the program.
~ Terry R., attendee

“All this excitement from Jr. High kids is pretty awesome!”
~ Beth R. (Train-the-Trainer participants)