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Online Teacher Training Program for
Camp Millionaire and The Money Game

We all know that financial literacy shouldn’t be left to chance…it needs to be taught in every school for several years in order for kids to really get it!

We must teach kids about money early in life so they can develop a healthy relationship with it and know how to use it wisely as adults.

The challenge is, most of the financial literacy programs on the market, regardless of whether they are free or paid, are boring and don’t teach kids and teens the financial habits, principles, concepts, language, and beliefs to really grow up and create true financial freedom for themselves.

What’s financial freedom?

‘Financial Freedom happens when the passive income from your investments in assets (business, real estate and the stock market) is greater than the expenses of your chosen lifestyle.”

Camp Millionaire and The Money Game were created by Elisabeth Donati after she learned what it really took to create financial freedom and many of the most important aspects of what she learned are rarely taught in other financial literacy programs.

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FACT: a very small percentage of our high school students are exposed to truly useful financial literacy education and even then, they may only learn how to balance a checkbook, set up a budget and how to evaluate wants versus needs.

Learning these financial skills is great but most financial literacy programs leave out the most important piece: how to develop passive income streams so that you can eventually stop trading your time and energy for money.

Most financial programs are only focused on saving or accumulating money for retirement, but Camp Millionaire and The Money Game teach a new paradigm. Students learn how to invest today to build constant and consistent cash flow for today and the future so you can be financially free sooner, rather than later.

In the Camp Millionaire financial education curriculum, you’ll find everything you’d expect in a financial literacy program, and a whole lot more. Our goal is to invite kids and teens (and the adults who love and care for them) to think differently about money and creating wealth in their lives.

This means kids and teens…

  • Explore and learn why and how wealthy people ‘think’ differently about money and wealth.
  • Learn the critical difference between making money and earning money.
  • Learn the different ways they can bring money into their lives: as an employee, self-employed, owning a business and as an investor. As kids explore Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant, they begin to see beyond the standard ‘gotta get a job’ mentality and a whole new world opens up for them in terms of making and earning money.
  • Learn the time honored financial management and wealth creation priciples applied by all financially free people…twenty-six (26) financial education principles that help kids understand what it really takes to grow into a financially responsible adult.

Camp Millionaire is amazingly powerful, effective and fun for all. We incorporate The Money Game® in all of our programs. Even adults love learning about money by playing The Money Game.

Money is simply a tool for people to reach their dreams. Help us teach America how money works so we can create happy, stable families again!

Note: The Creative Wealth Training Set is only available in the US. Use outside of the US requires an international licensing agreement.

COST: $395 per teacher/instructor

Included in our Camp Millionaire Online Home-study Program:

Camp Millionaire Teacher Training Videos

Online training program (20 DVDs worth) of our live Train-the-Trainer, actual Camp Millionaire footage and several bonus audios we know you’ll enjoy watching.

(Value – $1295.00)

Camp Millionaire Coach’s Binder/CurriculumEverything from outlines to planning to resources and more.

Go here for more detailed information about what’s included in the Camp Millionaire Curriculum.


The Money Game®

  • Includes PDF Downloadable Kit (Value – $99)
  • $30 discount off the Ready-to-Play
  • The Money Game Teacher Training
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Financial Freedom Playbook Instructor copyThe playful workbook we use in our full one-week Camp Millionaire programs.

Note: Purchase Playbooks for your full programs by calling 805-957-1024 or sending in this convenient order form.


financial playbook
Camp Millionaire Coach SiteAll of the lists, materials, program outlines, etc. that need to put on short to long camps/programs and/or teach it in your classroom COACH’S WEBSITE
And finally…access to the Creative Wealth Team for moral support and marketing advice as needed (VALUE – priceless!)

All this for only $395!

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If you need a payment plan, please call us at 805-957-1024 and we’ll work out a payment plan just for you!



  • Camp Millionaire for Kids or Teens – Summer camp programs, weekend programs and school programs.
  • Moving Out! for Teens Program.
  • Creative Cash for Kids Home Study/Home School Program.
  • Camp Millionaire Home School Programs
  • The Money Game Program or Events.




As one of our Creative Wealth Coaches, aka Financial Literacy Teacher Extraordinaire, you have access to the following:

  • Everything you need to download and create perfect Camp Millionaire and Money Game programs/events.
  • Support to help you every step of the way.
  • Web page and Web links to your financial literacy website.
  • Templates for Business Cards, Brochures/Flyers.
  • Marketing materials (press releases, articles, presentations).



Do you have a room full of instructors you’d like us to train? Cool…Let us create a custom training event that includes:

  • Financial Literacy Training Techniques (includes all of the accelerated teaching techniques we use in our programs without the program)
  • Camp Millionaire short or long programs for camps or use in schools or with groups
  • Moving Out! for Teens programs
  • The Money Game Events
  • Call us at 805-957-1024 or send us an email via our contract form.

Accelerated Learning Videos for Financial Education

And finally, if you want to learn how to use accelerated teaching techniques with your own financial literacy programs, check out our Financial Literacy Online Training Option.

All this for only $395!

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