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As I get up to start my day, I notice I have these feelings in my body about working today.

Should I? Shouldn’t I? If I do, what do I work on? Stuff like that.

What I began to notice, however, was whether or not the ‘need’ to work was excitement based or anxiety based.

I have to admit it was a strange mix of both.

Being the owner of the business, there are always a myriad of things to do. The question for me is usually which one of those things to do first.

If you run a small business, by yourself, or like me, with the amazing help of one very talented woman named Jan (thanks Jan), you know that lack of focus and distraction is common. And if you’re a woman, I believe there is even more of a challenge because women are designed to pay attention to many things at once. Now this definitely falls into my ‘genderalizations’ category but I believe it to be true. Most women struggle with focus simply because it’s not hire-wired in us from the beginning or we simply haven’t figured out when we focus on certain tasks the best. I, for example, focus best early in the morning or late at night when there is peace and quiet in myself and my world.

Let’s take a quick diversion to your children. How many of you have noticed that they get distracted or loose focus at times? Do you notice that this is more common in your girls than in your boys? Just something to take a look at.

And are paying attention to whether what THEY have to do is excitement based or anxiety based? You might check in with them to see.

But back to the adult version of excited vs. anxious thing…

If you’re the one doing most of the work, take a quick notice in regard to how your approaching whether or not you work this weekend. If it’s excited, then perhaps spend a little time doing something that feeds you. After all, weekends are great for helping revive us for the coming week.

If you find that your motivation to work is more anxious than excited? All the more reason not to work.

Put it on a shelf in your mind labeled, “to do later when I’m rested and excited again” and go outside and play.

Enjoy your weekend…Elisabeth