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Jump$tart is a national coalition whose mission it is to promote financial literacy for youth. Please check out the national organization and do a search for your state coalition as well.

California Jump$tart’s Website

Links to Adult Financial Sites

Credit Talk – A money management resource that help you with everything from choosing the right bank, to paying your student loans.

Braun Mincher is a young and successful entrepreneur who found himself in the position to “retire” several years ago at the age of 30 a self-made multi-millionaire, even though he started with nothing and dropped out of college. He has learned a simple system for financial success and now pursues his passion of better educating ALL consumers (regardless of age, income or education level), and not just the business or financial savvy, on the topic of “Practical Financial Literacy,” with the philosophy that Financial Literacy = Financial Success. He has recently undertaken a nationwide initiative to bring a new awareness to the “Financial Illiteracy Epidemic” and is traveling the country to further this important cause. – A Directory of Financial Services Sites.

Donna M. Phelan – A guide to help educate women with their finances by creating a Sisters Club with stackable income streams to empower retirement security. The site offers a free book chapter from Women, Money and Prosperity.

Don’t Do Debt – Changing the face of predatory lending. Home of the new book, Credit Card Debt: It Can Cost You Your Life and other resources to educate consumers to prevent credit card debt.

A directory of all things financial. Includes mortgage and investing tips.

Federal Citizen Information Center, Pueblo, CO – Award-winning free federal info. on saving money, investing, getting federal benefits, buying cars and houses, staying healthy, parenting, solving consumer problems and more.

Financial Calculators – An excellent resource to calculate one’s assets and liabilities.

Financial Planning Association Financial Planning Association® (FPA®). FPA is a nonprofit, membership organization for the financial planning community.  Our members are dedicated to supporting the financial planning process in order to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

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Homework Help – Learn how to help motivate your child to do homework. You?ll also find tips on fun summer homework ideas that will keep your child learning even after school lets out. – Your complete, unbiased, and easy to understand educational guide to investing and personal finance. The site includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as tutorials and articles covering just about every area of the market.

Institute for Financial Literacy – Founded in 2002, they are a nonprofit whose mission is to make effective financial literacy education available to all American Adults.

Kids Cash Management – Cash Management for Kids offers an enjoyable and affordable means of starting youngsters on the path to sound fiscal habits.

Merchant Service Group provides an array of electronic processing options to retail, restaurant, mail order, telephone order, and Internet businesses. Our services include credit, debit and EBT card processing, check conversion and guarantee.

A website full of information on your credit score!

My Wealth Kingdom – Wealth, Success and Happiness can be achieved by Everyone.

Finance Camps Create Young CEOs – In these tough economic times, there’s a new type of summer camp for kids.

Online High School – JMHS online education offers an easy way to earn your high school diploma with a full high school curriculum, included single courses for those who home school.

Personal Finance Basics – A great source for educational materials about financial education.

Personal Finance Resource – Resource site for everything to do with personal finance. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources – ALL FREE – in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Prosperity Place – A website where you can explore the connection between your thought and beliefs about money. Before you can change your OUTSIDE financial situation you have to change your INSIDE financial sitaution. – A software program that simplifies the task of paying you bills.

Great place for books and games.

Find Scholarships Today!

Share Builder – A guide to the simple way to invest for your future.

Smart Credit Tips – A great glossary of credit card terms.

USA Today – Best selling books about money.

Links to Kids/Teens Financial Sites

5 Steps Financial Aid Journey Series
provides both an interactive eBook and videos to help students learn about the importance of completing the FAFSA, estimating college costs, exploring financing options, and more.

Career Kids
Career Kids offers a wide variety of guidance materials for grades K-12.

Alliance for Investor Education’s “Kids’ Savings Calculator”
Shows how much money spent on consumables could be worth if saved instead.

American Savings Education Council’s “Youth & Money” survey
Surveys American high school and college students on their financial understanding and money management perceptions and practices

Arts Alive Creativity Center – Santa Barbara, CA
A wonderful organization that encourages kids to be creative, playful and alive. Afterall, what good is a lot of money if you’re not having a good time and being creative?

Camp Wacki Kooki
A helpful quiz to teach kids about manners, from the dinner table to the schoolyard.

Consumer Education for Teens
Designed by teens for teens, this site discusses a variety of “rip-offs”
directed at teens’ wallets, including fake “brand-name” products,
scholarship scams, and questionable modeling agencies.

Consumer Federation of America’s “Teenage Consumers:
Teaching Your Children How to Save & Spend.”

Enchanted Collar™
Enchanted Collar: Financial Literacy for KidsEnchanted Collar™, winner of the 2012 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education™ Award for Children’s Book, is an adventure story series to teach kids aged 7 and older real-life money lessons. You can find many insightful discussions on how to raise financially savvy and emotionally stable kids at its parenting forum. You can also get free book samples at its Facebook page.

Family Education
Nine Steps to Good Table Manners
An article by Ann Svensen,1120,1-5266-0-2,00.html

Institute of Consumer Financial Education’s Children and Money
Saving, spending, and credit info for both young people and their parents.

Investing for Kids
Designed by and for high-school students; includes quizzes, tutorials,
and a stock market simulation.

Investing in Kids

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
A clearinghouse for K-12 personal finance educational materials.

Junior Achievement’s Young Money
Excerpts from a monthly magazine available by subscription.

KidsSave is a savings program designed for kids ages 6 and up.  KidsSave helps you and your child keep track of savings, encourages saving through Reward incentives, helps your child set and track goals, and allows your child to see their savings into the future.
The official interagency children’s portal to the U.S. Government. This kid-safe site features more than 400 kid-friendly links in one easy-to-find place. Kids can learn about everything from fighting crime and exploring the world to music and space.

Info on earning, spending, and saving money.

Offering an innovative, personalized program for children with ADHD/attention difficulties – using NASA technology and coaching to increase attention, shape behavior and enhance learning skills such as working memory. We also teach pro-social skill-building and strategies to address executive function deficits.

A cool site that shows kids and their parents the IDEA of large numbers.

Money Chimp
A site that helps kids calculate compound interest. problems.

Making Change
Sites to teach kids how to make change.

The Monetta Young Investor Fund
The fund is designed to teach young investors the fundamentals of investing.

Money Dearest
Money Dearest is a warm and witty guide for the reader who would like to invest in the stock market, but doesn’t know where to begin.

Money Instructor
Teaching money skills and personal finance for ages K-12

Investing and personal finance site targeting twenty- and thirty-somethings.

A great place for some fun little things for kids.

Money Savvy Generation
Site for the Money Savvy Pig – Tools to teach children about the choices they have for money.

Motley Fool Website
A great place to find all sorts of financial information, calculators, etc.

National Academy of Finance
Financial curriculum coupled with paid internships for junior and senior high-school students

National Association of Investors Corporation’s
“How to Start Your Own Student Investment Club”
12 steps to starting a club

National Council on Economic Education
Resources for economic education

National Endowment for Financial Education’s
“High School Financial Planning Program”
A seven-unit personal finance program.

National Institute for Consumer Education’s “Children and Money”
A “mini-lesson.”

The NEFE Teen Resource Bureau

Netstock Direct’s KidStock
How to earn money, plus tutorials on different types of investments.

Prodigy’s Kids’ Money Store
Order money-related games, books, banks, etc. online.

Prosperity 4 Kids
Child’s financial education book, piggy bank, other resources.

Rude Busters
Some serious and playful etiquette quizzes and manners tests

SEC’s “Test Your Money $marts”
Interactive quiz for students developed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Smart Neurons: Kids Educational Software for Preschoolers
Smart Neurons provides educational software for preschoolers and kids to help enhance their pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination.

Janine Bolon founded Smartcents, Inc. to bring the systems of debt-free living to as many people as possible. Sign up for her free ezine, “My 2Cents” which gives inspiration and advice on cutting expense without deprivations.

Social Security Administration’s “YouthLink”
Social Security information for teens and younger children.
Stock Market Game (SMG2000)
An electronic simulation of Wall Street trading for students in grades 4-12, sponsored by the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education

Stock Partners
A stock market curriculum.

Student DebtHelp
A great site for students about debt.

Surf Net Kids
Weekly guide to the best kid sites and fun kids games. Educational website reviews by “Surfing the Net with Kids” syndicated columnist Barbara J. Feldman for kids, families, and teachers.

Teen Vester Books
Books to guide teens through investing.

U.S. Treasury’s Page for Kids
Bond, tax, and inflation calculators, info on coins and currency, gifts and games.

Links to Teacher’s Financial Sites

Career Kids
Career Kids offers a wide variety of guidance materials for grades K-12.

Online High School
JMHS online education offers an easy way to earn your high school diploma with a full high school curriculum, included single courses for those who home school.
A parent’s guide to helping kids with learning disabilities.

ByDesign Financial Solutions
ByDesign is a community-based organization, also known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles

Natinal Education Association (NEA)
Resources for Teaching Financial Education

Smart Neurons: Kids Educational Software for Preschoolers
Smart Neurons provides educational software for preschoolers and kids to help enhance their pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination.

Horance Mann Educated Financial Solutions
This site offers a wealth of information and features for educators, parents and students.