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We want this and we want that…all while knowing to be grateful for what we have. Yet, there are so many questions we spend our lives answering…

  • Is it OK to want more than you have?
  • Is is OK to want when you have ‘enough’ and others don’t?
  • Is there a right way and a wrong way to want things?
  • But shouldn’t I just accept my lot in life and be grateful for what I have?

And a whole lot more.

All the answers to these questions have to be answered by you and none other. My own take on it is that life is here. We are here. And we make too much out of what it’s supposed to be.

It somehow gets all wrapped into religion and purpose and sometimes it’s just too much for one to handle. Bottom line is that you have to decide for yourself what is OK and not OK with you and you alone and when you get that figured out, just know the answer will probably change over time.

Regardless of what you want, when you want it, where you want it, etc., the ONLY way to really get anything in life is to know WHY you want it. This why has to be so strong that you organically attract it into your life because it’s what drives the fiber of your being.

Here’s a little video I did about The Why for you to enjoy…

Do you know why?