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Financial Literacy Education Grants

We put together a huge list of all of the financial literacy education grants that we could find at the time. We hope they may help you in securing funding to help pay for your financial education curriculums and products.

If there are links that you follow that aren’t valid, please send us an email and I’m sure we can send a little something as a thank you!

Also, if you know of other grants or foundations that help support financial education, send us the information and we’ll add it to our list.

Lastly, if you can’t afford to purchase one of our programs, please send us an email with what you have in mind. We’ve been known to donate our financial education to worthwhile causes (USA only).

1675 Foundation

Pennsylvania – The mission of the 1675 Foundation is to fortify the key elements of a healthy community: health; human services; education; the environment; and the arts; particularly as they relate to under-served and vulnerable populations.

3M Foundation grant

Global Foundation but current entrepreneur education grant is Minessota – 3M Foundation grant, and partnership with Minnesota non-profit company BestPrep provided an opportunity for students across the state to interact with a 3M scientist via video conference who explained to students what it means to be entrepreneurial even in a large company like 3M, and how to take a product to market.

4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation

The purpose and vision of The 4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life and meet emerging needs by increasing responsible and effective philanthropy; building a community endowment for the benefit of 4SRanch~Del Sur; by providing funds annually to community organizations and causes, and giving the 4SRanch~Del Sur community a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit 4SRanch~Del Sur now and forever.


ACE is an SBA Microloan Intermediary, a USDA Intermediary Relender and a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Operation as a CDFI means creating jobs and opportunities for low income and under-served populations while executing sound financial and portfolio management. Certification requirements are stringent and include maintaining certain operating ratios and continued reporting to the US Department of Treasury. Sources of loan funds include SBA, USDA, U.S. Treasury, banks and foundations


Albertsons evaluates requests based on the following criteria: clear description of the program, Quality delivery of a needed service, Results which are predictable and can be evaluated, Fiscal and management capability to carry out the program, Broad-based community support, Competent, qualified staff and board, Beneficial to a substantial segment of the community, with particular focus on at-risk or disadvantaged populations, Associate volunteer opportunities

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

National – The Foundation makes grants to support original research and broad-based education related to science, technology, economic performance; and to improve the quality of American life.

Alliant Credit Union Foundation

National – Through annual foundation grants and dedicated Alliant Credit Union employee volunteer teachers, we work with a national organization dedicated to enhancing the financial literacy of minorities and others. Our assistance helps young people learn to manage money and become better off economically.

Apple Education Foundation

National – Apple Federal Credit Union – Apple Education Foundation supports teachers through grants designed to accelerate achievement for all students

Bank of the West

Bank of the West will consider requests for charitable investments from nonprofit organizations that qualify under the following charitable giving categories: Financial management training and education programs…and more.

Bay Federal Credit Union

Bay area California- Bay Federal Credit Union – Bay Federal Credit Union has expanded their financial literacy education program to include both youth and adult populations.

Beaumont Foundation of America

The Foundation believes its grantmaking is most effective when focused on relatively few areas of work, combined with sufficient resources to make a measurable difference. Through five program areas – Children and Youth Programs, Education, Health Care, Social Services and Foundation Initiated Grants

Bemis Company Foundation

Bemis Company Foundation realizes the importance of investing in tomorrow’s leaders and contributors. Investing in Educational programs to help individuals become knowledgeable and productive citizens, as well as build promising futures.

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Build-A-Bear Workshop® believes in the teddy bear philosophy of being good people and good bears. In living those values, we provide grants through the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation and the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation to 501(c)(3) public charities or registered Canadian charities that support beary special causes, such as children’s health and wellness, animals, and literacy and education.

Braitmayer Foundation

National – The Foundation is interested in proposals utilizing innovative practices in K-12 education throughout the United States. Of particular interest are: Curricular and school reform initiatives. In addition, the Braitmayer Foundation provides modest support of activities in Marion, Massachusetts and surrounding communities which will improve the quality of life for residents in the area.

Catholic Family Federal Credit Union Financial Education

Teachers may apply for a grant from CFFCU. Grants are available from $25 – $100. To be considered for a grant, applicants must be a current member of CFFCU. Applications are reviewed October 15. Grants will be awarded immediately after review.

Cathay Bank Foundation

Financial literacy programs for youth and adults in LMI communities;

Chase Global Philanthropic approach

National- Chase Global Philanthropic approach has evolved for today’s environment.. including asset building, and financial literacy.

Charles Schwab Foundation

The Charles Schwab Foundation provides direct grants to selected nonprofit organizations that support Schwab’s commitment to financial literacy… Grant seekers must meet at least one of the following three criteria: Be recommended by an employee who is an active volunteer in the organization, or Be performing community work that corresponds to the Foundation’s initiatives, or Promote financial literacy.

Citi Foundation

The Citi Foundation supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low- to moderate-income people in communities where Citi operates.

Citi Foundation

National – The Citi Foundation supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low- to moderate-income people in communities where Citi operates

Cleveland Foundation

Ohio – There is no specific claim to support financial literacy on the description, however the Cleveland Foundation search results does indicate a position of involvement.


Chicago – CNO welcomes proposals for support from local community organizations that meet our guidelines for engagement, strategic focus(financial) and eligibility.

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Iowa – Foundation Center is the nation’s leading authority on philanthropy, connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them to tools they can use and information they can trust

Corning Inc. Foundation

National – The Corning Inc. Foundation develops and administers projects in support of educational, cultural, and community organizations. Corning\’s areas of involvement have included community service programs for students, In-school financial literacy programs, curriculum enrichment, student scholarships, facility improvement, and instructional technology projects for the classroom.

Corning Inc. Foundation

National- Not specifically for financial education but has a history of interest – Corning’s areas of involvement have included community service programs for students, curriculum enrichment, student scholarships, facility improvement and instructional technology projects for the classroom.

Counsel for Economic Education grant

National – The goal of the Counsel for Economic Education grant is to promote economic and financial literacy among PreK-12.

Cracker Barrel Funding

There are basic human needs that must be met to develop responsible, self-reliant citizens in our communities. Our focus is on programs that: Enable individuals to become self-sufficient & Address child and family issues

Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC

The Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC will expand “The Millionaires Club,” a high school level, self sustaining, financial literacy after school club in four select pilot expansion locations.

Dollar Wi$e Innovation Grants Program

Through the 2010 Dollar Wi$e Innovation Grants Program, two cities will receive grants for $20,000 each to foster innovation in their ongoing local financial literacy efforts.

Eastern Band Fund for Financial Literacy, Children’s Health or Special Issues Endowment

The purpose of this fund is to support the improvement of financial literacy among middle and high school students. Currently accepting applications

EEE program

National – The purpose of the EEE program is to promote economic and financial literacy among students in kindergarten through grade 12. Eligible applicants for this subgrant competition are any state education agency, local education agency, or state or local economic, personal finance, or entrepreneurial education organization that works with K-12 students

EE Ford Foundation

The major objective of the Foundation shall be to encourage and improve secondary education as provided by independent schools in the United States • Broadly speaking, we have no particular area of support, believing the school knows best its needs. Schools must be members of NAIS. Only NAIS schools in the USA or its territories are eligible to apply for funds. Grants are made only to initiatives supporting grades 9-12.

Entergy Charitable Foundation

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Vermont. – The Foundation seeks programs that provide for innovative and measurable ways to positively impact families and their ability to support those most vulnerable, the children and the elderly. Such programs may include, but are not limited to: Sustaining families and self-sufficiency, Technical assistance and training for non-profits, Education & Literacy Thriving communities depend on self-sufficient, productive citizens.

Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation

Global – the Foundation’s primary focus is as a non-profit lender dedicated to strengthening the economic base of low income, disadvantaged and minority families. Primarily within the U.S., but also in developing countries. The Foundation has a keen interest in supporting charitable organizations and institutions that have clear and effective economic education programs.

Family Economic Success (FES)

National – The Foundation invests heavily in a set of approaches and projects collectively called Family Economic Success (FES) that reflect our premise that strengthening families is the key to improving child outcome. These efforts address the multiple factors needed to help families find and keep work, save and grow finances, and build assets to secure better futures for their children.

Feed the Minds

Global – adult literacy projects, as well as education around general health, HIV/AIDS, human rights, income-generation and community-building.

Financial Capability Innovation

National – The Financial Capability Innovation supports promising nonprofit-led projects designed to help consumers better manage their finances and achieve financial prosperity. Specifically, the Fund focuses on projects that spur positive behavior changes and measurable outcomes for lower-income, underserved consumers. Examples of these results are: improved credit scores, increased savings, or avoidance of unnecessary transaction fees.

Financial Education and Financial Literacy Initiative

The Financial Education and Financial Literacy Initiative provides funds to eligible credit unions to work in collaboration with other community organizations, schools, financial institutions, and others to improve financial literacy in their communities, particularly among students.

Financial Future Challenge

National – Financial Future Challenge. The maximum award of $2,500 must be used to invest in stocks. All youth between the ages of 6 and 19 who reside in the United States, District of Columbia and U.S. territories and possessions.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

National- Through our General Grant Program, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation funds research and educational projects that support its mission of providing underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation provides underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

National – The FINRA Investor Education Foundation, formerly known as the NASD Investor Education Foundation, supports innovative research and educational projects that give investors the tools and information they need to better understand the markets and the basic principles of saving and investing.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation, formerly known as the NASD Investor Education Foundation, supports innovative research and educational projects that give investors the tools and information they need to better understand the markets and the basic principles of saving and investing.

Gannett Foundation

National- Gannett Foundation helps to improve lives in the communities served by Gannett Co. Inc. and beyond. Our primary mission is to support the future of our communities and the future of our industry. Most of our grants go to grass-roots community programs, educational efforts and projects supporting young people and families.

Gannett Foundation

National- Our community action grant priorities include education and neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment.

Gates Foundation

Pacific NorthWest Region- Gates Foundation We look for projects that: Produce measurable results, Use preventive approaches, Promise significant and long-lasting change, Leverage support from other sources, Accelerate work the foundation already supports. We fund collaborations of different scales and sizes here in the Pacific Northwest. We support community-wide planning processes that seek to bring together multiple community organizations and institutions around the educational needs of students.

Greater Iowa Credit Union

Iowa – Financial literacy is a key philanthropic endeavor for Greater Iowa Credit Union

Heckscher Foundation

New York- The Heckscher Foundation for Children was founded in 1921 to promote the welfare of children, primarily in New York City. We fund organizations serving youth in the fields of education, family services, job training, health, arts and recreation.

H&R Block

H&R Block is excited to help increase teens’ financial fitness and invites high school administrators and teachers to apply for a personal finance curriculum grant through H&R Block Dollars & Sense™

Hoglund Foundation

Texas, Dallas and Houston – Not specifically financial literacy but there is a history of interest. The Hoglund Foundation promotes agencies and programs involved in education, health, and family support services that will bring about positive change.

Hong Kong Bank Foundation

Hong Kong Bank Foundation – Literacy Programme aims to increase the financial literacy with an emphasis of young people aged 16 to 25 — scholarships, bursaries and other development awards.


HSBC invests in educational programs that are sustainable and add value to our communities through our Community Investment department.


At ING, we believe that awareness and understanding of financial matters are the stepping stones to financial empowerment and a more secure future. Financial empowerment speaks to the day-to-day realities of many individuals in communities where we live and work – people who desperately need help gaining the knowledge and skills to build financial security and personal success. The ING Foundation is especially interested in programming that empowers individuals to take control of their financial futures through education, financial literacy, and financial planning, with special attention to the needs of young people and minorities.

ING Foundation

The ING Foundation is especially interested in programming that empowers individuals to take control of their financial futures through education, financial literacy, and financial planning, with special attention to the needs of young people and minorities.

Institute for Financial Literacy

Institute for Financial Literacy – Funding relationships at the Institute are cultivated through active leadership in the academic, business, legal, K-12, adult education and media communities.

J & M Foundation

National …In addition the directors are interested in the promotion of the arts and humanities and wish to encourage creative thought and academic achievement that advance the human condition.

Jessie Ball duPont Fund

National – The Jessie Ball duPont Fund is a national foundation that makes grants to a defined universe of organizations whose eligibility is determined exclusively by Mrs. duPont’s personal philanthropic decisions. Focus Areas – The Fund organizes its resources around five focus areas: Strengthening the Independent Sector, Building Assets of People, Families and Communities, Building the Capacity of Eligible Organizations, Stimulating Community Problem Solving, Helping People Hold their Communities Accountable.

Jumpstart Coalition

The Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a national coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of kindergarten through college-age youth.

KeyBank Foundation

National – KeyBank Foundation, through its civic programs, corporate contributions, and volunteerism supports organizations that foster economic self-sufficiency, principally where KeyBank operates.

Langley Federal Credit Union

Langley Federal Credit Union awarded $10,000, 40 grants of $250 each, for local schools to teach financial literacy in the classroom.

Langley Federal Credit Union

Must be LFCU member- Langley Federal Credit Union – Our goal is to continue to be an integral part of the communities we serve by contributing to organizations that advance the welfare of our membership. Example: June 14, 2011 – The second grade students of T.C. Walker Elementary in Gloucester learned about the monetary system by attending the Silk Road Market Day thanks to a grant given to teacher Brenda P. Turner by Langley Federal Credit Union.

Laura J. Niles Foundation

Focus in the NE USA – Foundation concentrates its primary giving activities in the areas of education, economic self-sufficiency and animals.

Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group is committed to providing its customers with the life insurance, retirement and investment products and services they need to help secure their financial futures. As a concerned corporate citizen, the company’s foundation has sustained a strategic philanthropic program to improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work.

Money Smart for Young Adults

Not a grant, Money Smart for Young Adults can help young people in their formative years start positive habits early such as saving money and budgeting, as well as avoid making “wrong” decisions that could result in years of financial pain. The curriculum is available free of charge; orders can be placed online.

National Credit Union Foundation

In striving to improve the financial capability of American families, including low wealth individuals and families and young adults and children, REAL Solutions will focus on financial education and literacy programs that are designed to increase family financial capability through access to relevant information, training opportunities and wealth coaching.

National Credit Union Foundation

National – The National Credit Union Foundation’s board of directors recently approved 15 new grants for 2011, totaling $294,510. All of the grant projects have a financial education component.

National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®)

The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) inspires empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life.

National Financial Educators Council

The National Financial Educators Council offers financial literacy funding opportunities to help organizations share practical financial skills with people of all ages.

National Financial Educators Council (NFEC)

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) provides financial education solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, families, government and nonprofit organizations around the globe to improve financial literacy.

National Financial Capability Challenge

The National Financial Capability Challenge is an awards program designed to increase the financial knowledge and capability of high school aged youth across the United States so they can take control over their financial futures. It challenges high school teachers and other educators to teach the basics of personal finance to their students, and rewards students, educators, schools, and states for their participation and their success.

NEA Foundation

National- Grants fund high-quality professional development for public school teachers, public education support personnel, and public higher education faculty and staff. Proposals must directly relate to student learning needs. Grantees must share their learning with colleagues. Throughout the year, the NEA Foundation awards close to 200 grants to support educators’ efforts to close the achievement gaps, develop creative learning opportunities for students, and enhance their own professional development.

New Jersey Credit Union League

New York, specifically New Jersey. The Foundation supports initiatives that further its mission. In doing so, the Foundation makes grants to those individuals or organizations that are looking to raise their own financial literacy awareness, as well as small credit unions who would benefit from professional development opportunities or technical upgrades.

Net Literacy

Net Literacy, chaired by Afterschool Ambassador Don Kent, is sponsoring scholarships of up to $5,000 for students or high school graduates who create videos or games that teach financial literacy.

New York Life

Child safety days focusing on fingerprinting, bike safety, and car seat information; financial literacy and educational workshops; public service announcements focused on educating the public on social issues; and building projects, such as low-income housing and playgrounds.

Norris Foundation

Southern California – Family founded through economic freedom, the Norris Foundation supports programs that advance better health and intellectual enlightenment, through education, cultivation of the arts, individual responsibility, freedom and dignity.

Old National Bank

It is our wish to meet the needs of every community in our footprint; however, our funding will target innovative programs that enhance the quality of life within our communities in support of two main strategic initiatives, which are Community & Economic Development and Education.

One Million Kids

Commonwealth Bank now investing over $40 million to improve the financial literacy of one million kids by 2015.

Oregon Credit Union Foundation

Oregon – The Oregon Credit Union Foundation engages in several philanthropic activities supporting Oregon credit unions, including consumer financial education projects, professional development awards, small credit union development grants, international development grants, and support of the Credit Unions for Kids fundraising efforts and disaster relief grants.

PNC Foundation

National – PNC Foundation have announced the launch of a $12 million initiative that will provide financial education instruction and materials to preschoolers, parents, caregivers, and teachers throughout the bank’s fifteen-state service region as well as the District of Columbia.

PNC Foundation

PNC Foundation responded with a $12 million initiative focused on preschoolers, their parents, caregivers and teachers for an early start to smart money management.

Prudential Foundation

Newark; Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Houston; Jacksonville, Fla.; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Philadelphia and Phoenix– In order to promote sustainable communities and improve social outcomes for community residents, The Prudential Foundation focuses its strategy in -Youth development to build skills and competencies needed for young people to be productive citizens.

Principal Financial Group

Our contributions in education focus on: Providing access to higher education for diverse populations of students. Promoting areas of study important to the business objectives of the Principal Financial Group.

Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

Colorado- Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute believes business ownership can be a pathway out of poverty and a means to creating both self-sufficiency and self-worth in a population that is often over-looked and underestimated. NOT GRANT but offers FREE Support PROGRAMS

Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation

Hawaii – Not specifically for financial education but has a history of interest. The Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation is committed to providing resources to improve the life of Hawaii’s children and families by improving the quality and quantity of early education. Our efforts are concentrated on creating greater social equality and opportunity through improving access to high quality pre-K education. Secondarily, the foundation provides limited support for independent K-12 education, the arts, health, historical and cultural projects.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Californica, Silicon Valley Community Foundation – Serves San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, from Daly City south to Gilroy. The community foundation is focused on solving the most challenging problems, improving the quality of life and inspiring greater civic participation throughout the region. – grantmaking strategies: Economic Security, Education, Immigrant Integration, Regional Planning and a Community Opportunity Fund

Sloan Foundation

The Sloan Foundation makes grants to support original research and broad-based education related to science, technology, and economic performance; and to improve the quality of American life

Spencer Foundation

The Spencer Foundation seeks to shed light on the role education plays in reducing economic and social inequalities — as well as, sometimes, re-enforcing them — and to find ways to more fully realize education’s potential to promote more equal opportunity.

State Farm

National – Again, no specific claim however the website indicates a strong interest in supporting financial literacy.

Starbucks Foundation

Starbucks Shared Planet – The Starbucks Foundation is accepting applications from organizations that help young people creatively address pressing concerns in their communities. Focus on: Provide training to young people to develop necessary skills and knowledge to incubate ideas, identify and assess community needs, create a plan of action, execute a plan and evaluate outcomes against goals

Sundance Family Foundation

In support of our mission, the Sundance Family Foundation is interested in supporting local organizations that help youth through social entrepreneurial programs and entrepreneurial training programs.

Teachers Credit Union

Global – The aim of our Financial Insight initiative is to assist teachers to empower their students with financial awareness – in a project that you, as their teacher, see as beneficial. We worked closely with the WA Department of Education on this initiative to adhere to curriculum objectives. This year, we offered a total of $25,000 in grants to public schools in WA to assist in implementing a financial literacy project (grants are up to $2,500 each).

Texas Credit Union Foundation

Texas- The Texas Credit Union Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to progressive professional development of credit union staff and volunteers, financial education programs for youth and adults, and creating valuable resources for Texas credit unions and the communities they serve.

The Ann Sherry Foundation

National – The Foundation’s primary interest is in education, and it expects that most of the funding and support that it provides will be in this area. It does not want to compete with schools or other funders. Rather, it sees its niche as funding small community-based innovative projects for which funds would otherwise not be available. Its particular areas of interest include: New teaching or educational techniques- Mentoring of students – Increasing parental involvement

The Assets for Independence (AFI)

National – The Assets for Independence (AFI) program provides five-year grants to nonprofit organizations and government agencies that empower low-income families to become economically self-sufficient for the long-term. Grantees provide financial education training on money management issues, and they assist participants with saving earned income in special matched savings accounts called Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).

The Bay and Paul Foundations, Inc.

New York – Over the past decade we have come to understand that almost any school-based initiative that exhibits effectiveness and sustainability depends to a great extent on the collaborative capacity of the faculty. Accordingly, the majority of our grants are now directed to professional development with an emphasis on facilitative, distributive leadership and to the intentional interruption of inequitable policies, practices, and cultural norms.

The Boeing Company

We invest in programs that increase public understanding of and engagement in the processes and issues that affect our communities,we seek innovative programs that address issues such as: Globalization, Conservation/sustainability, Community building, Economic development, Workforce development, Scientific literacy/uses of technology, Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, Strengthening the democratic process.

The Charles Schwab Corporation

National – The Charles Schwab Corporation mission is to create positive change through financial education, philanthropy, and volunteerism.

The George Gund Foundation

National – The Foundation’s guidelines reflect our long-standing interests in the arts, economic development and community revitalization, education, environment and human services because these areas embrace most of the major issues that any community must address. While we continue to organize much of our work within these program areas, there is increasing awareness that many issues and, therefore, many grant proposals do not fit neatly into one program category.

The Gifford Foundation

New York – The Foundation is committed to using its financial and human resources to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to enhance the quality of life for the people of Central New York. In the Fall of 2007 the Foundation launched the ADVANS project, which stands for Advancing and Developing the Assets and Value of Nonprofits in Syracuse. They work with area consultants who utilize the self-assessment and business planning tool and techniques developed by Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens.

The Hartford

National – To help people make wise financial decisions, The Hartford’s team of financial professionals has released a broad range of programs, studies and surveys on topics such as financial basics for college students, estate planning, financial planning for children with special needs, and the impact of obesity on retirement preparedness.

The Heinz Endowments

Pennsylvania – Focus on five disciplines represented by our grant-making program areas: Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Education; Environment; and Innovation

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Wisconson – Not specifically financial literacy- Grant applicants may address any arena of public life — economics, politics, culture, or civil society. The free society so central to the convictions and success of the Bradley brothers rests upon and is intended to nurture a solid foundation of competent, self-governing citizens, who are understood to be fully capable of and personally responsible for making the major political, economic, and moral decisions that shape their own lives, and the lives of their children.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Global – Given that a substantial portion of the corporation’s work centers on education and financial analysis, we take particular pride in our community efforts surrounding financial literacy, a synergy of several of our business’ core competencies.

The Robert Bowne Foundation

The Robert Bowne Foundation supports the development of quality programs that offer literacy education to children and youth of New York City, in the out-of-school hours, especially for those living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Truliant Community Mini-Grant

NC, SC, VA- The Truliant Community Mini-Grant provides operating funds for projects or programs of community and faith-based, non-profit organizations that serve “underserved” groups and/or low-to-moderate income areas in the communities where we operate. Organizations that impact one or more of the following areas: health, human services, youth, affordable housing, financial literacy or economic development.

United Educators Foundation

Minnesota- The United Educators Foundation is pleased to offer up to 4 grants to teachers, departments or schools who wish to teach financial literacy to their students.

United Educators Foundation

The United Educators Foundation is pleased to offer up to 4 grants to teachers, departments or schools who wish to teach financial literacy to their students.

Veridian Credit Union Fund

Iowa- The Veridian Credit Union Fund will provide funding through Veridian’s Financial Literacy Grant and Inclusive Community Grant. The Veridian Credit Union Fund will also provide funding through Rapid Response Grants.

Washington Credit Union Foundation

Washington – The Foundation engages in activities designed to benefit Washington credit unions and their communities, including financial literacy education projects, educational development awards, community outreach grants, small credit union development grants, support of Credit Unions for Kids fundraising efforts and disaster relief grants.

Wise Financial Literacy Certification Program

Most students drop out of college not because of academic failure but because of personal debt and the fastest growing group filing personal bankruptcy is young people ages 18 to 25. w!se’s Financial Literacy Certification Program (FLCP) addresses the urgent need for financial literacy and education. The program provides high school students with access to financial education and the opportunity to become certified financially literate. Participating schools teach personal finance and administer w!se’s standardized Financial Literacy Certification (CFL) Test. Teachers have access to training, educational resources, pre-tests, and online practice tests. Students who pass the CFL Test are Certified Financially Literate, earning their CFL. Developed in 2003, the program has expanded nationally and has been widely recognized for its success, including the US Treasury Department’s John Sherman Award for Excellence in Financial Education.

If you have or know of a financial education grant not on this list, please fill out this form and send to us.

Financial Literacy Grant

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