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Creative Wealth Frequently Asked Questions

How can I offer my own Camp Millionaire or Creative Wealth Programs?

It’s easy…simply come to our Train-the-Trainer program, learn the material, put a group of financially hungry individuals in a room and have a great time changing their lives.

Creative Wealth’s Train-the-Trainer program is 5 amazing days and is normally scheduled on a Sunday through Thursday, followed by a day of rest and planning which then culminates in a local Santa Barbara Camp Millionaire weekend event so you can try your hand at your new found accelerated learning techniques.

Seeing the program in action makes so much difference for our coaches who opt to participate.

The days are long, and intense, yet you’re fully engaged, having fun and learning more than you ever dreamed about teaching financial literacy to kids, teens and adults. You will learn as much about HOW to teach/train as you will WHAT to teach/train. Though we focus on teaching kids and teens, everything you learn can and will be applied to your adult programs as well (after all, aren’t we just a bunch of big kids anyway?).

If you’re worried about the long days, don’t be. Our attendees regularly say, “Wow, I had no idea the days would go by so quickly. I didn’t even know what time it was!” Actually, it’s rare that an attendee doesn’t say this!

In addition to learning the how and the what, you will explore your own ‘money stuff’ in this program. You won’t believe what happens to your own money situation once you’ve attended the Train-the-Trainer workshop. The person who entered the room on Day One will not be the person who leaves the program on Day Five. What can we say…it’s just an amazing process-filled program that you’ll wish you didn’t have to leave!

money gameNote: ALL Creative Wealth programs feature our proprietary financial literacy game, The Money Game®.

Are there different levels of training I can participate in?

Yes, there are three different ways to license and use our programs:

1: Purchase the CWI Train-the-Trainer Home Study Program.

If you have purchased the Coach’s Curriculum, Playbook and DVD Training Set, but have not attended CWI’s live Train-the-Trainer program, you are authorized to teach CWI programs in a school setting (public or private), afterschool setting, homeschool setting or other educational gathering or event that is provided free of charge to participants. You may charge a materials fee to recoup your costs of providing the materials to participants.

In addition, you may conduct short fee-based (1-3 day) programs by submitting, and gaining approval from CWI of, a 15 minute video (in DVD format) of yourself teaching a segment of the program, including The Money Game© to a group of at least 10 children (any age). This requirement helps us ensure the quality and integrity of our programs.

You may not conduct any free or fee-based one-week (5-day camp) Camp Millionaire programs unless you have attended, and completed, CWI’s live Train-the-Trainer program.

2: Attend, and complete, CWI’s live Train-the-Trainer Program.

If you have attended CWI’s live Train-the-Trainer program, you are authorized to teach this program in a school setting (public or private), afterschool setting, homeschool setting or other educational gathering or event that is provided free of charge to participants.

In addition, you are also authorized to conduct fee-based Camp Millionaire programs of any length for any group.

Licensees are not authorized to train others to conduct/teach or host CWI programs and agree to refer any individual or entity to CWI if you receive any inquiry about becoming a Creative Wealth Coach.

Can the Camp Millionaire program be taught in different ways? Yes!

The curriculum can be taught in a variety of venues, for a variety of ages and cultures:

  • Camp Millionaire, our signature 5-day summer
  • Summer School
  • After School
  • Weekend Program
  • 1-day, 3-day, 10 weeks or any other number of days and times.

It is very modular in nature so it can also be easily altered to fit other time frames.

Ages: We have taught this program using the following age breakdowns…

  • Camp Millionaire for coed groupsages 10-12
  • Camp Millionaire for teens (ages 13-16)
  • Camp Millionaire for girls only (ages 10-15)
  • Camp Millionaire for boys only (ages 10-12)

Other ways it would work…

  • Moms and daughters
  • Fathers and sons
  • Fathers and daughters
  • Mothers and sons
  • Grandparents and grandkids
  • Etc.

You can modify our programs for college ages, newlyweds, seniors and other groups as well. Once you are a trained Creative Wealth Coach, you are licensed to teach Camp Millioinaire to any age kids and teen programs, in any time-frame.

If I license the Camp Millionaire program, do I have to pay for the Major League Player’s Program with The Money Game to get the additional activities?

No, once you license Camp Millionaire, you have full access to The Money Game site.

What if I want to teach adults?

We offered and taught adults for many years…until we realized we needed to practice what we preached and that was to focus on one thing and do that better than anyone else (thanks Orville Redenbacher for that saying!). So, we decided to focus on the age group we started with…KIDS.

That being said, The Money Game® and the Camp Millionaire works great for teaching adults the basic financial principles most of us didn’t learn in school or at home.

In order to teach adults, however, most people need some type of training and experience to teach them financial education. Here are our thoughts…

If you already teach adults but are unfamiliar with accelerated learning, you’ll need to learn to use the accelerated learning methods we use in order to faciliate our programs with adults. You can do that by taking one of our financial education trainings, the train-the-trainer program from Peak Potentials or even learn by going through Sarah Singers High Impact Training & Amazing Presentations.

If you haven’t taught adults, get The Money Game. It’s the best first step and may well be all you need!

Camp Millionaire Licensing – Do we license a certain area or how does that work?

All of our domestic licensing agreements are non-exclusive. This means that you don’t own an area and can do the programs anywhere you wish. There are plenty of kids, teens and adults to go around and we encourage people that get licensed in the same geographical area to join together, co-op the marketing costs to make the dollars go further, and even team teach!

Does the licensing agreement provide access to any specific geographic area?

Again, the domestic (USA) Camp Millionaire licensing agreement does not provide access to any specific geographic territory. You can purchase an exclusive territory but that is on a case-by-case situation and must first be discussed with us.

Note: International Master Licensees do have control of an entire country.

Is there additional training after the Train-the-Trainer program?

If you’re truly serious about teaching financial literacy in the most effective, efficient manner, yes! There is so much to learn! You will not walk away from the training program knowing everything about financial matters.

The training is very organic in nature so every one is unique and different and is based on the attendees.  However, you WILL learn the same material at every training.  You will learn HOW and WHAT to teach to become a successful Creative Wealth Coach and make your programs successful.

We follow up with our coaches on a monthly basis in telecalls, blog post articles, and more and can direct you to additional training if desired.

Can I teach Creative Wealth Programs without attending the Train-the-Trainer program?

Yes and no. Yes, if you’re only going to do smaller, shorter-length programs. But if you’re going to do full-length five-day camps though, you have to attend the full-length program. We promise you’ll be happy you did.

You can purchase the Home-study Curriculum/DVD program if you are doing smaller, shorter-length programs. You can also purchase the Camp Millionaire Curriculum and Financial Freedom Playbook only to provide shorter-length programs free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

What are the complete costs to get started as a Creative Wealth Coach?

Most of the costs associated with the programs are one-time costs. They include:

  • Train-the-Trainer Fee: $1495 (forprofit/private school) or $895 (nonprofit/public school)
  • Travel costs to the training program…travel (if out of the area), lodging, meals.
  • Ongoing monthly licensing fees (monthly or can be paid at a discount by the year or for 3 years in advance). The monthly licensing fee also pays for brochure modification, advertising samples, and teleconference calls with the founder of the program and other coaches.
  • Original camp supplies (this will make more sense once you’ve come to the training. You will assemble your camp supplies for your first camp, and re-use them over and over again.
  • Recurring costs for programs such as as flip chart paper, snacks, student workbooks and t-shirts.
  • Advertising costs for your programs which are variable and seasonal and depend on your program schedule.

What if I can’t afford to pay for all these costs? Is there financial assistance for people like me?

We offer the availability to apply for a scholarship to attend the program but you will need to be able to cover your travel, lodging and meals to get to the training. You also need to be able to afford to market your programs in your area. Here’s a great idea though…call some local financial institutions that would benefit from your coming in and offering their client’s kids/teens a Camp Millionaire or Moving Out! program. Ask them to ‘sponsor’ you for the program. For more information or to apply for financial assistance, click here.

How long does it take most coaches to master the materials well enough to present a really successful camp?

It definitely takes some practice to feel comfortable teaching the material and learning the curriculum. We encourage our coaches to start practicing immediately after the training, on their close friends and family. After a few practice sessions, conduct a small or shortened programs for your community before you offer a full length program. You will get it if you practice it.

How many kids/adults per camp are recommended to create a successful learning environment?

For one coach, restrict your registrations to a maximum of 15 kids/teens/adults. If you plan on having an assistant coach (which we recommend) a maximum of 30 attendees is encouraged. You can do larger groups but you’ll want to enlist volunteers to help you, regardless of the age group you’re working with.

What age groups and times are recommended for the programs?

1. Five day Camp Millionaire for Kids (ages 10-12) or Teens (ages 13-16); 9 AM-3:30 PM (M-F); Weekend programs: 9 AM-5 PM (Sat-Sun).

2. Camp Millionaire for Girls only (ages 10-15)*; Week-long summer programs: 9AM-3:30PM (M-F); Weekend programs: 9AM-3:30PM (Sat-Sun).

3. Camp Millionaire for Boys only (ages 10-12)*; Week-long summer programs: 9AM-3:30PM (M-F); Weekend programs: 9AM-3:30PM (Sat-Sun).

4. Creative Wealth Seminars (coed/all women): 17+; 2 or 2.5 day programs: 6-9 PM Friday, 9-6 PM Saturday and Sunday.

* Remember that girls are cooperative and boys are competitive. We’ve found we can have a much broader range of ages with girls than with boys.

What are the time lengths of camps that can be offered?

The Camp Millionaire curriculum are very modular in nature. Once you are familiar with the material, you can modify it to fit any time frame you need. We have conducted 1-hour programs, 3-hour programs, weekend programs, summer week-long programs, and once a week after-school programs that spanned 11 weeks. If you have a particular outline you need, part of the support we offer is creating a customized program to meet your time needs.

How much lead time is needed to fill a camp?

The amount of lead time it takes to fill a camp really depends on how much time and energy you put into marketing the camp, as well as how many people in your community know about the program to begin with, or how many contacts you have in the financial world.

It helps to partner or do joint ventures with organizations or companies that have the same interests as you. If you can successfully market the program using these techniques, you can fill a camp in a couple of weeks. If you are doing the marketing by yourself, or only placing local advertisements, it can take a few months to fill a camp.

Are any of your coaches doing this full time?

None of our coaches teach Camp Millionaire or The Money Game full-time. Up until now, it has not been a viable way of earning a full-time living.

Teaching financial education has to be something you’re passionate about. Yes, you can charge for your programs and yes, you can make money teaching kids about money…but unless you’re charging a lot and doing a lot of programs, you’re looking at a part-time situation.

What are the internal business costs?

Running financial education programs is a business so you’ll have typical business expenses: advertising, marketing, liability insurance, website fees, printing fees, and employee costs.

What camp materials are needed?

Playbooks for longer programs (purchased from CWI), laminated signs, pens, calculators (kids can bring them or get them from your local bank or credit untion), flipchart stand, paper, markers, tape, decorations, prizes, The Money Game materials (downloadable or purchase Ready-to-Play), etc.

Most of the materials you will buy or create once and they can be reused. Some of the matierals are consummables and need to be replaced.

What is the average price of a summer camp?

We charge $295 per child/teen for our summer camp programs and $149 for our two-day weekend workshops. You’ll need to research the acceptable costs in your own area. Financial education camps are considered ‘specialty’ programs, however, so you can charge a premium in many areas, depending on the demographics in your area.

Can a coach charge a separate materials fee?


Facilities and deposits?

You will need a room large enough to hold 25-30 kids with space for activities and games. We usually recommend at least 1200 square feet of space. Deposits are a case-by-case situation. Try to find a place that does not require a deposit, just a credit card to hold the room and allows for cancellation if necessary.

If you can co-produce your programs with a kid’s organization, they may have a room you can use…like a YMCA, Boys & Girls club, etc.

Do you provide food for the attendees?

No, the kids bring their own lunches four of the five summer camp days and we have pizza for one of the days (usually the field trip Friday). We ask parents upfront for donations to help offset the cost of the pizza. We also provide healthy snacks: apples, trail mix, nuts, etc.

Train-the-Trainer Times?

Our training is intense, fun and engaging. You will NOT notice the time going by, until you have to leave! Most people are bummed it’s time to go. Generally, this is out training schedule but please know that this can change.

Days 1, 2 and 4: 9 am to 9 pm (don’t worry, you won’t notice, we promise)
Days 3 and 5: 9 am to 6 pm

You are required to attend the entire training. This means you may NOT come late the first day or leave early the last day. You must make a commitment to experience the entire program, otherwise how can we know you are committed to really teach the entire program and do what it takes to make a difference in people’s lives? Trust us, we know what it takes. Therefore, please arrange to arrive in town the day before the training and leave the day after, unless you fly out several hours after we’ve finished*.

* You don’t want to miss the way we finish the training. It’s very special!

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, there are several books that you are required to read prior to doing your first program. It’s best to read them before coming to training but if you can’t get to all of them, you can finish reading them afterward. These books will, however, help you with the training. (Oh, and a couple of them may just change your life.)

Required Reading

The following books must be read prior to teaching your first program. If you want to be ahead of the game, try and read them prior to coming to the training.

•    Quantum Teaching by Sarah Singer
•    Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford
•    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
•    Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
•    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
•    Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
•    Keys to the Kingdom by Alison Armstrong

Highly recommended

•    High Impact Training and Amazing Presentation, by Sarah Singer
•    Tapping their Greatness by Sarah Singer
•    How to Lead, Teach & Inspire by Blair Singer

Administrative staff?

Depending on how large you grow your business or organization, you may or may not need administrative staff. You will need to do marketing, send out press releases, network with companies, etc. We provide you with customized brochures and advertisements so you will not need to worry about a graphics person. Basically, marketing, networking, planning and taking registrations. And of course, teaching the programs.

Camp staff?

We recommend that the camps be taught by at least two people. You can partner with someone to operate the business or you can hire an assistant coach. A licensed, trained Creative Wealth Coach must be in the room at all times. You can purchase a training DVD set which your assistant can use to learn the program.

Note: if you are intending to do adult programs and you are NOT a financial advisor, it is essential that you partner with a financial expert. This will ensure that you will always provide correct information to your attendees.

If you have additional questions, please send them to us! We can’t wait to meet you so you can help us change lives!