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This blog post is about how one small thing can dramatically alter who it is you’re BEING in the world. If you’ve ever realized that you’re struggling with changing some little (or big) aspect of your being, then reading this article may give you another powerful tool to help you change whatever it is you want to change.

Though I deal with people and financial issues, this might seem like a strange letter to a former coach. It’s about alcohol but it could easily apply to the financial education arena I work in. I don’t have a problem with alcohol, or an issue with it in any way. However, an experience I had about 4 months ago with hypnosis, gave me new tools to work with when I coach clients who are working on learning about money and creating different lives for themselves.

This is a letter I sent to a man named Harlan Kilstein who is the creator of a visualization that I listen to frequently. His work is profound and at the end of the post, I’ll provide you with a link to his information.

Here’s what I sent him about my experience with his work…


Dear Harlan,

So, all my life I have been only slightly, a social drinker. I would occasionally have a glass of wine or two with a friend or at a party, or drink a nice cold beer on a summer, sunny day. I can count on three fingers (at age 51) how many times I’ve drank too much. Only problem with drinking is that for me, for whatever reason, I have never handled the two days drinking even a little bit of alcohol.

I know you’re wondering where I’m going with this…just continue reading…

Along came menopause and again, for whatever reason, the two days after having a drink became even more terrible for me. I didn’t handle stress well, was irritable, shaky, my workouts suffered and my blood sugar was all screwed up. I toyed with becoming a nondrinker but really still enjoyed the occasional glass of wine with my girl friends or just sipping a nice glass of pinot while cooking a yummy dinner. I just dealt with it knowing full well when I chose to have a drink or two that it would be two days before I felt normal again.

Then, along came your visualization that you gave us about ‘the beach’. I’m not sure how or where, but I know in that recording there is something about choosing something you’d like to change. I’ve only heard it once (it puts me to sleep most nights and you should visit the beach I go to!) consciously but evidently it only took once to hear it in the right space to change everything.

I distinctly recall thinking, I’d really like to be someone that doesn’t drink at all (keeping in mind I rarely drank in the first place). Well, you know, I haven’t had a drink since. When I’m with people who drink, it’s just natural to say, “I don’t drink.” and it’s like it’s always been that way. But the amazing sign of how deeply that change took place reared it’s head Sunday morning when I went next door to visit my girlfriend and just say hi for a few minutes. She was drinking OJ which looked yummy and I asked her for a sip (we do that). She handed it to me (knowing full well that I no longer drank) and then said, “I has alcohol in it.” What happened next was a complete shock. My entire body recoiled like that glass was a snake and I handed it back to her as quickly as I had taken it to her. There was no part of my being that wanted anything to do with that glass with alcohol in it.

If anyone is even remotely skeptical of your hypnosis processes and question whether they work or not, they need not think twice. They do! Even when you have no idea what you want them to do at the time.

Just thought you might like to know how your work affects people.

Thanks, Elisabeth (former coaching client).


To learn more about his profoundly life-altering products, visit his website at: and yes, it is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase one of his product, I will receive a small thank you from him. I promise you his stuff is worth it’s weight in gold and if you’ve been trying to change some aspect of yourself, his work will propel you toward your goals in a huge way.